Thursday, February 20, 2014

Kitchen invasion

A few months ago...whoops...I was invited to hang out in the kitchen of the local restaurant/whole foods shop to taste some of the eats for a 'eat with the farmers' type dinner...since I couldn't actually afford to pay for the full meal. haha. (I did give them some publicity, so I'm not a complete mooch.)

While I was there, I figured I might as well make myself useful and take some pictures, which have been sitting on my desktop waiting for me to publish them here as part of my semi-annual blogging.

I think blogging more and taking more pictures was part of my new year's resolution. Perhaps I'll shoot for at least one a month, which is also my resolution for hosting people with yummy food in my little living/dining/kitchen room. (So far I'm ahead of the curve on that one.) we go. Don't peruse this while hungry.

 Chef Chris + his semi-freddo pumpkin dessert, complete with microgreens (which no whole foods meal is without.)

 Admittedly, I do not remember what this was exactly, but it was good and a little spicy. They're not hush puppies but seeing them reminds me that said southern delicacy needs to be on my list of things to cook this year.

 Scallops or as people here say, sc-AW-llops. Some people also say idear. It makes my ears hurt a little, but these were delish.

 The crew. They're all so friendly, and the gal laughing to the right calls people, 'my love.' It takes a lot of confidence to call everyone you meet that.

 This lady makes beer...or works for a company that makes beer. Ta da!

 If you hold your mouth just right...

Taken by the beer lady....this is what I look like after escaping a boring school committee meeting to eat free food...