Thursday, November 20, 2014

Winding down the day in Nawlins

A few last pics of New Orleans wherein I see a mini cooper, a parade, a wedding party and visit Cafe du Monde.

Take 2

Isn't he so cute? This limo driver was nice enough to let me take his picture.

Hi mother who hates having her picture taken.

A bientot, New Orleans.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The French Quarter at sunset

There's no where like the French Quarter - colorful and unruly, secretive and showy, smelly and elegant. I remember approaching the city as a teenager in a church van and hearing someone say they could feel the evil as they approached New Orleans. Maybe New Orleans is simply more honest with itself than everywhere else. And while I can't say as I felt the evil, I could not pretend it wasn't there – sight and smell... the streets of the French Quarter marinated in beer and pee, homeless, aimless, disillusioned runaways used and abused by the riverfront, old vagabonds carrying the weight of the world and at best a backpack of dirty clothes, and asinine drunk tourists trying to forget how much they dislike their sober selves with a night on Bourbon Street.

Like nowhere else I know, the French Quarter is transformed from day to night...elaborate weddings by day in Jackson Square's St. Louis Cathedral and tarot card readers hawking their fortunes in the shadow of the church by night. Although Cafe Du Monde makes for some good pictures (and snacking) by night, I'm much more a fan of the quartier (and most everywhere else) by sunset. The dark hours are less threatening in the warm light of the descending sun.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Lafayette Cemetery No. 1

I have this friend who loves cemeteries. She will walk methodically through any graveyard, reading and pondering the individual headstones. She has no peculiar, morbid enjoyment of the dead, and while I'm as apt to take photos of a grave as the next person (and a New Orleans cemetery was on my must visit list for recent trip south) my friend's fascination goes above and beyond.

Together, we've visited many a pilgrim 300 years gone on the Freedom Trail in Boston (twice) and canvassed the Père Lachaise Cemetery in Paris sussing out Oscar Wilde and Balzac... so Tati, this one is for you.

Lafayette Cemetery No. 1

Thankfully, my mom didn't find anyone in there.

And rounding it off with something a little less dead, a cool sign of the Commander's Palace Restaurant