Monday, November 17, 2014

Lafayette Cemetery No. 1

I have this friend who loves cemeteries. She will walk methodically through any graveyard, reading and pondering the individual headstones. She has no peculiar, morbid enjoyment of the dead, and while I'm as apt to take photos of a grave as the next person (and a New Orleans cemetery was on my must visit list for recent trip south) my friend's fascination goes above and beyond.

Together, we've visited many a pilgrim 300 years gone on the Freedom Trail in Boston (twice) and canvassed the Père Lachaise Cemetery in Paris sussing out Oscar Wilde and Balzac... so Tati, this one is for you.

Lafayette Cemetery No. 1

Thankfully, my mom didn't find anyone in there.

And rounding it off with something a little less dead, a cool sign of the Commander's Palace Restaurant

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