Monday, April 26, 2010

I Won Something!

I sort of want to make it my goal in life to win things and then keep the good stuff and sell the rest on ebay. That's not ridiculous is it? I mean, if I just won an ipad, a handmade mahogany table, and a Smart car then I could sell them all and buy a few plane tickets to America, Europe, and even Mauritius. You wouldn't begrudge me that, would you? As it stands; however, I did recently win something and it's actually something I want--a Lemography camera and it's worth a whopping $40, which is more than I thought. It takes 9 identical pictures at one time, which doesn't sound that useful, but of course, is. It's pop art, baby...hence the name of the camera--Pop9.

And what did I do to win said camera? I chalk it up to persistence. That's Shanghai has a monthly photo submission contest (although it's not quite a contest.) I submitted photos for a few months and won. Ta da! Honestly, it's not my favorite picture, but I thought it was a good street scene (stage left.) I took it on a back road behind my house. It's a minor victory because I hardly ever take pictures of people (although it is much easier when one is standing behind them and they don't know you're there...until it's too late.)

Also, as promised, a few pictures of the mug I bought in Beijing for which you've all been sitting on the edge of your seat awaiting with bated breath. Isn't it great? If anyone comments that it looks a Waffle House mug, I will delete it.The back says--Care for the little trees. Isn't that sweet? I hope my rosemary and mint plants count.

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Sarah Grooms said...

That photo is a great capture! And I love the camera and mug. :)