Thursday, August 19, 2010

Shameless Self-Promotion: My First CNNgo Article

Hi People! I've been working my freelance writing more this summer, and today my first article on CNNgo went up! It's a review about Shanghai's only African clothing shop and its socially responsible to boot (the store not the article). Also, the article was my friend Kellie's idea, so thank you much to her!

Now off you go and give me some stars or something...just don't embarrass me. Nobody wants to be the freelancer with the kookie friends.


scs said...

what else are blogs for but shameless self-promotion? :) in all seriousness, way to go and look forward to reading it!

tpulido19 said...

Rats, that means I can't leave messages on your article website. However, if you let your kookie friends develop a cult following around you, then perhaps that can be your niche. You know, like an indie band.