Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Short Trip Down Duolun Lu

My friend Lo and I went to Dulun Lu  (lu = street in Chinese) a few weeks ago. It's an old street in Hongkou District. It's semi-preserved with the Old Shanghai feel complete with neat old antique shops, a cafe or two, and street food. It was very gray but I got a few shots.

First one of the arched entrances to Duolun:

A close up of a statue. I feel like this doesn't look like anything, but I like it anyway.

I blurred the background lots to try to mask the stupid car in the background.
Ancient streets should not have cars.

 This guy made sculptures of people...we declined but they look kind of cool and
I love the artist's face in the background.

A  cool old Catholic church that melded Chinese and Western architecture really well. 
Didn't get to go inside but it was one of purty.

 I didn't really bump up the colors on this but they were awfully vivid. I think it was the extreme overcast of the day. The teenager at this fruit stand was very cheeky.

 I'm a sucker for ironwork.

There was an awesome antique shop there with lots of cool, unaffordable dusty things from old Shanghai. It was really dark though so I didn't get much besides this neat typewriter.

I took a few pictures in some of the old alleyways behind Duolun as the light was quickly fading. If only I had the fortitude to bring my tripod with me everywhere I go...

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