Sunday, June 19, 2011


Oh I've taken so many pictures since last I posted; however, I have hardly edited a one of them. Ai ya. My return to the motherland is fast approaching and I'm trying to soak up as much of my adopted (maybe that's a strong word) country as I can. So here is a picture I meant to post a long time ago from my trip to Nanjing  (yes that long ago).

I read about panning shots right before my trip. Panning is when you follow a moving object with your camera creating a blurry background but (hopefully) preserving the moving object, mostly in focus. My first picture is below and let me tell you, this is one gratifying camera trick.


Kel said...

Looks awesome! If you don't get that shot, but had your shutter on SUPER fast and EVERYTHING was in could post edit blurriness. :) hahahhaa, the cheat sheet!!! nice job!

Flynn said...

Nah. It still looks different blurred. Looks out of focus not in motion.