Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Memory Lane

So back in December...ya December. I took a trip Smith County to visit a friend of mine post Christmas. We drove around aimlessly and then I let the pictures to steep on my computer for five months. They get better with age.

 Look at Mr. Personality.

 It was such a pretty day.

 Mississippi does clouds like no other.

 Mize, Mississippi's town hall. Classy.

 Small town downtown. Something classy about it.


 You know me. I can't resist the open road.

 My partner in crime. 

 Quick transition...we discovered the tombs of the Sullivans. Sullivan's Hollow (nearby) is notorious for its family feuds. The twilight was perfect to get that creepy effect.

The end...(more later).

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Amanda said...

So glad to FINALLY see some of the pictures!!!