Monday, December 24, 2012

I met Joy the Baker

What is EatBoutique? Goats milk salted caramels, lavender and honey cheese, cherry syrup, French macarons all under one roof...yerm!

I recently went to Eat Boutique's Holiday Market (there's also a yummy blog and online shop) in Boston. It was the best thing ev-er. Tons of booths filled with small batch food items and, of course, there was taste testing for all of them.

I went a little cra-cra. Merry Christmas to me!
My pictures didn't come out so hot, I have to admit....when in doubt go B&W.
One of the main reasons I went was to get Joy the Baker's John Hancock for my good friend. JTB was very nice and gracious...even after her book signing went way over the amount of time she was slotted for.
Joy the Baker had a lot and I mean a lot of fans. Some of theme were mildly hysterical, like the girls two people in front of me who were so flustered after talking to JTB that they forgot to get a picture with her. Above is a tiny snippet of the line for JTB's signature that wrapped around the market.
This must be the most beautifully packaged honey on the planet...or in America. Yes, I bought it.
Quince & Apple had yummy syrups. Yes, I bought one.
Gorgeous pottery and pewter spoons from Beehive Kitchenware. No, I did not buy one, but those measuring spoons really wanted to come home with me as did the tea strainer.
I do not like coffee, but I do like this branding.
And some French macarons. Did not buy these cause I'd rather make my own, but they were so purty. When I make them...they are not quite as purty.
Have a Merry Christmas everyone, and Happy Holy Days!

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Tatiana said...

Lucky! A coworker gave me Joy the Baker's book (she is a food blogger herself)and it has a lot of comfort food recipes.

I really hope you tried the macarons!