Sunday, April 28, 2013

Haiti: Our sister church

So...we took a long, bumpy, dusty ride over a mountain and ended up in the town of Jacmel, Haiti. I knew (and still know) very little of fact I can  probably only name two towns in the whole country. Being in Haiti, I definitely felt cutoff from the world. We were virtually without Internet (which didn't bother me) and not infrequently without electricity while at our sister church in rural Jacmel.

Laid back is the way I'd describe our week. Only Sunday morning, Easter Sunday, did anything start when they said it would. For someone who lives on a newspaper deadline, it was heaven. Also, the people were awesome - kind, welcoming, funny, warm. It was a blessing being around them.

The congregation overflowith. People were sitting on either side of the pulpit it was so packed.

Leaving church

Probably my favorite picture of the whole trip. The tie must have gone to Scott's (the white one) head.

The road in front of the church

Oh's the church. Probably could have put that first...

After church...

Dinner time. The parsonage, where we stayed, had a kitchen but most of the cooking was done outside. I suppose gas is too expensive.

Fried chicken!

Bob (right) and Pastor B worked on translating an worship song.

Other Bob worked on mosquito proofing the house. My hero!

I'd love to know more about names in Haiti. Many people, like Lolac, the kid on the left, had such fascinating monikers...

Let's just say...I was kind of popular.


scs said...

I adore that photo of the kids in the road after the service!

Lisa said...

POh, Flynn. These photos are just breathtaking! You must have more? Double feature?

Okay, I have to ask: were any of the locals confused by the combination of your skin tone and your American passport?

Flynn said...

I don't think so. Unlike a certain Asian country, they seemed to understand that all Americans do not have blond hair and blue eyes. haha