Friday, May 9, 2014

The return to PCH

Now that it generally gets above 32 degrees on any given day, I've been taking me and my Chinese 35mm out and about to see what there is to see. It's liberating and a much needed creative endeavor but also a reminder of how little variety I've got around may withhold all comments about how being creative is seeing interesting things everywhere. I'm trying, people. China has ruined me, I think. I'm very itchy, even irritable, to travel somewhere.

The first roll of film I got developed is. not. helping...from my too-brief travels up the Pacific Coast Highway...two and a half years ago. Ai ya! I was absolutely giddy when the scanned files arrived in my inbox...thankfully the bill was not attached.

Oh man, what do I have to do to get another road trip under my (seat)belt or another stamp in my passport?

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