Thursday, September 23, 2010

Photos of the most beautiful day of the year

I seem to go on posting sprees, so maybe you should just take all these one day at a time because I'm likely to slow down again at any time. But I wanted to share some pictures with you since my roommates are off camping in a typhoon and I haven't talked to anyone face to face in over 24 hours--not that I'm complaining. The weather has been beautiful today because of said typhoon which cooled the temperature down by 20 degrees since Monday.

I stayed inside for most of the past two days working and drinking tea with the cool, crisp breezes blowing in, but I just had to catch the afternoon light on my bike this afternoon.

I ended up finding  so much good stuff. I clearly have not explored the area enough. On the list of discoveries today--The old Shanghai Waterworks with beautiful brick buildings circa 1920s. Doors were closed so I'm planning to go back. Also lots of construction, not that exciting except for the sheer mass of yellow cranes. 

Then on my way home I found an old alley with a herd of half torn down old buildings--sad but still beautiful in their deterioration. It was mostly dark by the time I found it so I'm planning to go back there too in the daylight and take some better pictures.

My favorite one for the day. I love all the lines of machinery.

The old houses. There were people living in the buildings on either side of this one. Man.

Zhong which is 'middle' in Chinese. Not sure what it's the middle of--just saw it on the door of a construction site.

See what I mean about the beautiful day and the cranes?

And a brick wall. I's not that original to take pictures of brick walls, but isn't it cool cause there are Chinese characters in the picture too?


rob_jefferson said...

Beautiful! That sky is gorgeous.

Jessica said...

Gorgeous! love the first black and white shot!

Bridget said...

I just read your design sponge city guide. And now I've read your blog too. Both are really great. I would love to get your perspective on Expo, is it worth seeing? What parts are best? etc. Thanks.

Flynn said...

Hi Bridget--I'm afraid I'm no expert on the Expo. I only went once for part of a day, but I did think it had merit (and long lines). It's a massive undertaking and Shanghai did it well. Night is probably the best at this point as the lines will be slightly shorter, but this is the last hurrah and there are going to be massive amounts of people coming to see it for National Day (Oct 1-8).

The theme pavilions have gotten rave reviews. I liked Canada, UAE, New Zealand, and Turkey, as well as, the exterior of most of the Middle Eastern countries and the UK. Africa, Sweden.

Shanghai Daily has lots of good info and ratings of the pavilions. has some good info on it too.

Are you coming for a visit?

Bridget said...

Yes I am, I get in on the 6th and have 5-6 days to play with in SHanghai. I am torn on Expo, I want to go, but not spend too much time if its not warranted. I also want to check out some of your suggestions, like Shokay and the African clothing store, and the carpet store you mentioned. But I need to save time for some music, some eating and some gallery hopping. My husband wants to add an excursion out of town, so you can see, there is never enough time!

Bridget said...

Yes I am coming in next week for 5 days. I can't wait.

Flynn said...

Oh cool. If you're aiming to see more of China, the Expo is more of the world, but it is an event!

If you have time check out the Inner-Mongolian musicians Tom and Jerry who play in a trio on Friday nights at the British Bulldog. They do bluegrass.

Shokay is so great. A friend of mine owns the company. Also be sure to check out Nest. It's in Tianzifang where Shokay also is. They've got some cool eco-friendly/socially responsible stuff.

It's such a great big fun city to explore.

Bridget said...

So we are excited. Its just a few days away. Let me know if you have time for tea, or drinks, we'd love to give you a proper thank you.

Mackenzie said...

Beautiful photos! I love the contrast the blue adds to some of your photos!

Flynn said...

Hi Bridget! I'd love to get together for tea or a drink! You probably won't be able to access this blog when you get in country, but shoot me your email (I won't publish it!) and we can meet up!