Friday, April 22, 2011

Mao Was Here

More pictures! This time of a partially condemned area near Xintiandi in Shanghai. Xintiandi, which means new heavens and earth was an original meeting place of the communist party in the traditional shikumen (a stone colored brick) style. They tore down the area and then rebuilt it with similar architecture. It's now a popular, high falutin' shopping/dining area. But that has very little to do with these pictures, which I took on a Saturday. There were hardly any people in the area, though it seemed a few still lived there...

Mao was here.

This place was boarded up, but a whole in the door showed a window on the other side and an old wicker chair still in there. I really liked the perspective.

Looky here...another picture of a bike. What are the odds?

Not sure if this is a good picture, but I like it's washed out-ness for some reason.

Wen: culture.


Kel said...

These photos are terrific!!! I LOVE the window through the TINY peep hole and the bike.....great eye my friend!

eva said...

LOVE these photos. Gorgeous!