Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Short Film on Superheros

A friend of mine had a super-hero themed birthday party on Saturday (and no, it wasn't a kid's birthday party). We were all supposed to come dressed up, but I was out all day and didn't have time to put together a makeshift costume. To really capitalize on the theme, we made a short, silent film which was really fun. Everyone whipped out their creative talent.

Plot:  Villains try to take over Shanghai by bombing it with balloons, but never fear Timonator, the Incredibles, Wandawoman, and Sneezetastic are here to save the day.

The original has Superman's theme overlaid but was muted by Youtube so hum it to yourselves if you need the full effect:

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Anonymous said...

That was so fun! :-) Love it. You guys make some great superheroes (& villians). Happy Easter!