Monday, May 16, 2011

My Seagull (camera, not bird)

A few months ago I found an old Seagull camera at that same camera market where my little box camera came from and even though it was completely busted up on the inside, I bought it (it was a steal at 80RMB). I got it fixed and bought a 50mm lens. And now several hundred RMB later, it works! And even though I probably could have purchased one that already worked for nearly the same price, I've now bonded with this one. We've been through a lot together.

Seagulls are China's oldest camera brand and are based in Shanghai. My model is from the 80s (I think) and is modeled after a Minolta SLR. Funny thing's I've discovered since taking my first roll.
1- There is a light meter. Very handy to know that and will explain why some of the following pictures are off.
2- Not only is there a light meter, but there is a setting for ISO speed...also very helpful and explains why the first set of pictures are way off. Thankfully I'm inquisitive or I might have been very discouraged, thinking that my light meter was way off...

Here are some of the firsts shots in B&W. More in color to come. All of the ones below are taken at Fulu Jie (from which you've seen pictures before) save the first which was on my way there.

At first I thought these kittens were dead. They weren't.

Favorite movie line referring to weeds...."so are dandelions but that doesn't stop kids from making wishes on them."

A lot more of the houses were torn down this time than a few months ago when I last came. I spoke to an elderly man who said there were still 8 families amongst the houses still standing and that the 'laoban' or boss had run out of money. I assume he meant the developer.

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