Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Out on the Street in Shanghai

Color photos from my new old Seagull. I like some of these a lot and some of these I wish I had known what I alluded to in the previous post (ie light meter and film speed setting). Look for more, better photos in the future.

Half of these pictures were taken while I was on my bike. The 55mm lens makes it so much easier to take pictures while I'm stopped at a red light and the old camera is way less assuming than my Nikon...an infinitely loveable quality when taking pictures in China. I love the old feel of these China cameras. Chinese streets and buildings, can you come back with me to America? I fear there are few interesting things to take pictures of there...

My feet. At least I'll still have these in America.
A shot from within 696 Weihai Lu, an art space soon facing demolition.
This dog thinks he's a Beatle.

I love how unexpectedly European this bridge looks.
Nearing the end of a long bike ride. Would I take any pictures on my bike if it weren't for red lights?

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