Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Californivacation: SoCal

The trip begins...or began. I took somewhere around 3000 pictures on my California trip in early November -what with 2 cameras--one of them with speeds of 4.5 pictures/second. So it's taking me a while to edit them since I took several versions of every photo and every angle of every beach pebble along the trip north.

I started in SoCal & after a friends' wedding a few friends and I headed to Laguna Beach--my 1st glmpse of the famous PCH (that's West Coast lingo for Pacific Coast Highway aka Highway 1).

Look at this crazy rubbery seaweed.

These trees were cool. Don't know what kind though.
A beautiful bird of paradise. That is one crazy plant.


That's all for Laguna Beach. It was pretty, but SoCal is not the place for me. More vous promets. 

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Amanda said...

LOVE these pictures!!! Please bring all 3,000 when you visit!