Thursday, January 5, 2012

Mine (and Ben's) first (wonky) baby quilt

In anticipation of the newest addition to the S family (who is very far away in the Middle Country), I made a quilt in their family colors (rather the colors they have been known to wear quite often). It's a wonky version of a log cabin quilt (sort of) and while far from perfect, I was pleased with how it turned out (after all it's probably going to be thrown up on a few times!). Even more I'm excited by the thought that baby Ben will have a little homemade something from me to cuddle up in since I can't be there to cuddle in person.

Here are the pics--pretend like they're good (I took them pre new camera and pre new flash) and pretend like the quilt isn't horribly wrinkled.

I'm almost done with a baby quilt that zigs and zags. Will post pictures soon. I promise.


Gina said...

looks awesome!!!

kristina said...

ooh pretty! Love the fabrics you used- esp the white one with the blue diamonds. I miss America

scs said...

he's loving it and finally made it his own with a wee bit of spit up. hands down my favorite possession of his to-date and sure to be a family keepsake. you amaze us, Aunt Ga!