Sunday, January 29, 2012

Californivacation: Morro Bay

On my trip I was constantly catching places just as the sun was fading. Lack of planning? Or are the days too short to capture all of PCH's beauty?

I have to fess up. I'm pretty sure these first two are totally out of order and not so close to Morro Bay.
 I arrived at Morro Bay late late and was very interested in seeing the famous Morro Rock, so I stayed at Morro Bay State Park...driving in when it was already pitch black along somewhat curvy roads to find Morro Inn, where I had booked a room (an hour or so before!) My room had a view of the water, but I couldn't really see the rock until the next morning...
I think this is the ugliest rock I've ever seen.
Nice boat though.

Took a short hike up to see the ugly rock better. The air was so fresh and there was even a mountain bunny on the trail.

Shockingly, Morro Rock was just as ugly a hundred feet up as at eye level.
I'm sure there were other pretty things to see in the park, but I had to move on. Tomorrow, I'll bring you prettier pictures from Montano del Oro State Park, a few miles from Ugmo Rock.

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