Friday, January 20, 2012

Californivacation: Santa Barbara

I spent the first night of my trip in charming Santa Barbara. Unfortunately I got there when it was already late and most of the shops were closing (it was Sunday). I did get to try my first Pink Berry even though my fingers were kind of stiff from walking in the cool night. I also had amazing legit tacos at a whole in the wall place. I was the only person there who didn't speak's hard to find authentic, delish places on your own. Thank you, Lonely Planet.

I stayed at a cute bed & breakfast and had an interesting convo with the manager, a Turkish man from NYC.

 Adobe style buildings were Santa Barbara's thing (but not like cloying Slovang, which you will see in a future post).

I didn't go anywhere without encountering palm trees.

 Very cute downtown area. Maybe a little touristy, maybe a little high end, but nice all the same.

 These eclectic pianos are all over town and people are invited to sit down to play them. Cool idea.


I've been scheduling posts like cra cra (Bev are you reading this?) for my 15 readers so look for some every coupla days until I run out of edited pics again. We're inching our way up to San Fran.

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