Monday, January 23, 2012

Californivacation: El Capitan State Beach, part II

It was so quiet at El Capitan State Beach. I don't think I ran into a single person while I walked on the beach. A lot of the areas I went to were largely deserted so I could traipse around taking pictures without interference.

There was a beautiful old train bridge at the exit of the park. When I stopped to take pictures of it, I discovered that dozens of monarchs had moved into the area. It was the beginning of monarch season so I was hoping to find some. They floated along so lazily in the sun and amongst the trees. It was beautiful and I watched them for a while before I got back to the bridge. They were so high up that I couldn't get a good picture or video of them (my video is laughably bad) and they never seemed to land within range of my zoom so alas here is the only picture...

The elusive Californian monarch
Under the bridge

On the road again.
Note: Highway 1 cuts in and out of 101 along the coast. Lest you think I wasn't truly on PCH.

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