Friday, January 27, 2012

Californivacation: Grover & Pismo Beaches

Made a quick stop at Gover Beach because I had to rush to try to see some monarchs at a nearby butterfly grove.

So where are the pictures of softly floating butterflies? 没有!A local guy walking in the area said they haven't been coming like they used to--before their pretty orange wings would coat the whole grove of trees. He said their main diet of milkweed is frequently bush hogged by local farmers. I was a little depressed at this news. Poor butterflies. Let 'em eat milkweed!

Seriously it was a bummer. I might have gotten a little teary because I really wanted to see them, but the nice gentleman showed me the way to Pismo beach a short walk away. Again, the sun is setting when I get to the good spots...but it does result in the warmest pictures and then driving in the dark.


What's that? Two pictures of the same thing at different exposures? You're welcome.

Did someone set this up as an alter or something? Curious. I saw similar formations on other beaches.

This is my Breakfast Club face.

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