Thursday, January 19, 2012

Californivacation: Carpinteria Beach

On my trip to California (remember way back when?) I took a lot of pictures of the same thing sometimes because what happens if one of them didn't come out right? Then I'd only have 7 copies of every stretch of beach, every rock on the beach and every tree. It only stands to reason...

And one more...proof that I was there.

It's alive!

Opposite the beach it was still gorgeous and vintage colored.
If I can stop reading The Hunger Games, I will post more soon. By the way, have you read The Hunger Games?


scs said...

oooh was waiting for more of these! so interesting to compare westcoast shoreline. nice tree! and no, i have not read Hunger Games but apparently need to.

Jess said...

Love your pictures! Your trip looks so fun, can't wait to see more of your travels on the West coast. I have read the Hunger Games and also couldn't put them down - awesome series. I can't wait for the movie in March.

Flynn said...

Me either. I'm only a hundred or so pages from finishing the series. I'm very apprehensive about Gale and Peeta! Eek. They're not real people. They're not real people.