Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Bees & miscellany

Some more recent pics. Very random but I like 'em.

 Rainy day flower.

 I got to do the most fun story on a bee cowboy who travels the country with millions of bees to pollinate crops. He had some very interesting things to say about it and why they might be disappearing. The bee guy was totally an uncle-type person...a total nudge, which was funny. 

He pretended to be incensed when I said it looked like Martha Stewart chose the color palate for his bee hives.

 Ya, I got that close. 

 More agriculture...the world's largest organic strawberry! Took 3 bites, but of course I had to document it first.

 When life (or the old back door) gives you a snag...make a patch!

 From another bike ride...

A retro deep dish blueberry rhubarb pie I made. Don't quite have the lattice top down yet.


Spring Street Photography said...

These are some great shots. What a great eye. BTW, that pie looks delicious.

krisTimon said...

Bee cowboy?! So did he end up lots of honey too?