Friday, June 29, 2012

I biked to an island

Can you say the same? I bet not. I've been doing longer bike rides on Sundays and exploring my environs. I went unexpectedly far a few weeks ago and ended up at this island. I drove onto it a while back while exploring a la auto, and I thought it would be fun to just drive onto one on a bike.

(Check that off my bucket list. Woot woot.)

 I'll actually even explore it one day.

 Old stuff. Score!

 A lot of old cemeteries around here.

 Don't go near this one at night.

 The late afternoon lighting was great.

 Down near the town beach...I think these ladders were waiting for me.

 They're so cool, I almost drove to an Eddie Bauer and bought boat shoes.

They seem to have been really traumatized by Hurricane Irene...although not so good at spelling it...

Off for another bike ride...

1 comment:

Mango Sticky Rice said...

Oh my goodness, GA. Your commentary cracks me up!

Also, those multicolor ladders are gorgeous. Nice find.