Thursday, June 7, 2012

Blood, Honey and an Oven Mitt

I've got so much fabric. I've been trying to be creative, mix and match fabrics and do small projects like the oven mitt left, which I quite like though the thumb is a little pointy there.

I sewed it up while I watched In the Land of Blood and Honey.

Have you seen it? You need to. It's one of those films that is important, but hard to watch.

It starts in 1992 at the front end of the Bosnian War (which, after watching the movie I realizes I clearly don't know enough about). Ajla, a painter, is one of a group of Muslim women who gets rounded up by the Serbian police, who immediately begin assaulting the women. Just before she is raped, a soldier named Danjiel that she dated before the war rescues her.

Danjiel begins calling her to his room as the two strike up a tenuous relationship, both torn between the loyalties of their families and and the ethnicities that separate them. Danjiel wars with himself over pleasing his father, a general in the army, and the fact that he is being forced to kill Muslims he has known his whole life.

As the war becomes more intense so does their relationship, and the closer they get the more they put their own lives in danger until ultimately, they have to decide whether they will choose each other or their respective sides of the war.

Angelina Jolie wrote, directed, and produced this movie and I have to say I'm extremely impressed. The story of the genocide in Bosnia needs to be understood, and this film tells one story of it with great humanity.

*Do be warned, there are several graphic scenes, some that were unnecessary. Turn your eyes to an oven mitt when those come on.

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