Saturday, June 16, 2012

They're not Chinese

A college friend invited me to the one, the only New England Taiwanese American Heritage Week. (Let me tell you, when people name things around here, they are not kidding.) I'm not gonna lie, I went for the food. And while it was a bit different from Shanghainese fair, it was delish (as almost all Taiwa-Chinese food is).

 The head dresses and clothes (back row) were strangely reminiscent of Native American cultures.

 I hope this guy is a professor.

 My friend and I had fun picking out the F.O.Bs

 This will serve me right. I took pictures first and then were sold out by the time I got back.

These were some intense teenage boys.

Mr. Too-Cool-for-School. This is an outfit only a Taiwa-Chinese person could pull off or should I say, a Chinese speaking person of Asian descent? (Don't send me ugly letters please. Power to Taiwan!)


pinkdaisyjane said...

Beautiful pictures! I love the professor! <3

Emily @ thirtyeight20 said...

Oh, that professor!