Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Quick trip to Bean Town

I finally made it to Boston a few weeks ago when my good friend Tati as in town. A few out takes...
 Harvard is so beautiful...cutthroat but beautiful.

 Wish this was a little more in focus, but what do you think? Boy, I miss taking pictures in a city.

 What a perfect setup for a picture...old store front, bike, girl across the street with a camera...

 Well, hello friend and no she wasn't pointing at her watch for any particular reason...actually, she was saying, when are we going to the cemetery? (That's not true, but she has a particular affinity for old headstones.)

Well looky here...we found one, which was closed (darn) so we took pics from the fence. That's probably Abraham Lincoln's grave site.

Forget that...you just missed the light taking this picture. Jaywalk!

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