Wednesday, August 19, 2009

To Be Refined...

As I prepared myself a cup of tea this afternoon and added some agave nectar for sweetness, I thought how ironic it is that the many items marketed to refined tastes are actually unrefined and as such, they cost more. I haven't done any research on this, but I'm fairly certain that raw sugar costs more than white sugar and agave sugar costs at least 200% more than both of those. Just using the word nectar instead of syrup probably allows "them" to up the price by a good 20 or 30%.

What extremely unwealthy person, after all, pours raw sugar into their morning cup? It is a bit better for you, of course, as is agave nectar (which has a lower glycemic index than sugar), at least that is the excuse. Doesn't it take less chemical processes, therefore less research to produce these all-natural type items and since "they" always package that kind of stuff in all natural brown bag wrapping paper, free of bleaching and refining, doesn't it stand to reason that these products would be significantly cheaper and in high demand amongst all classes of people? Perhaps raw sugar is the $250 pair of Girbaud jeans with the holes already worn in them. Who cares really if some people want to pay exorbitant prices to sweeten their drinks and confections? Perhaps the extra cents make everything taste a little sweeter.

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