Friday, July 30, 2010

On the move

If you haven't heard, I'm moving. And if you haven't heard, it's because you have not been within ears distance. I've complained, cried, cursed my current landlord (in my head), injured myself (accidentally) and injured some of my possessions (also accidentally) all while trying to pack up my apartment. Moving is a grievous process for me and one that I seem doomed to repeat year after year (after year after year, I could go on.) Let's take a moment and relax with a picture of something that flew by my window a few weeks ago.

Ah...I feel a little better. The fact that a new season of Project Runway just started (watching it right now) makes me feel better. On with the show.

After my landlord decided to jack our rent up oh 20 percent or so, New Roommate (that's her name for now) and I started the search for a new place. Thankfully everyone is not as crazy as my current landlord and after looking at a half dozen places or so, I found one just next door. Literally. Hallelujah! And our landlord speaks English. Woot woot! And there is a special sink where clean, drinkable water comes out. What are the odds? Here's a mini tour.
The living room. There's even a TV that is from this millennium.

And this is where I'll be sleeping. I've got a view of some trees which you cannot see from this perspective. Also, I won't be sleeping on that table, in case you were worried. (There are 2 other bedrooms that I didn't feel like posting.)

And the most important room--the kitchen! There's some more counter space stage right and a huge piece of furniture just outside the kitchen. Thank goodness. So after we decided on the place. Euphoria should have set in, I'm sure. Instead, I went home and felt thankful but very overwhelmed (tears were involved.)

Moving from floor 31 to 8 means no more of this every night. (*Note: skies have been unbelievably clear...maybe I do like the Expo.) Sigh.

Luckily, I still had some time to jump. I rocked this jump. Once I came back down to earth, I started contemplating how I might decorate my new room. It takes me somewhere around 6 months to a year before I usually can figure out what to do with my place. In lieu of painting (which my landlord just might not like), I'm thinking of this:

Wall decals on Taobao. And one day, just maybe I'll get this amazing chair from Anthropologie. It's named Astrid and it costs more than an entire months rent, but I imagine it would last longer than my newest rental contract.
Moving and unpacking tomorrow! I can't wait to find what I did with, um...everything.


scs said...

I'm so very sad you have to move. I'm so glad you came back to earth, though! Here's to new apartment adventures. HOpefully the kitchen tiles will stay in tact at the new pad. We may have to move too as our landlord is dropping hints of a rent increase. Boo.

Amanda said...

Good luck with the move! Your new pad looks nice. I know you'll make it homey!!!