Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Aperture eyes

I just got Aperture (a photo editing program) on Monday and after watching a few of the videos I attempted to edit a picture I really like but which I thought was a little drab...just the leaf actually. I can tell photo editing (which is not my new hobby only a compliment to my hobby) gets more confusing the more you look at what you're editing.

The differences are subtle (esp on two of them)...Which ones is the best balance of color?



mark said...

Stumbled upon your blog because I'm visiting Shanghai for Apple and wanted to find some local info. The guide on design sponge is awesome, as is this journal.

Very cool that you're using Aperture, a product I helped design. I like the middle photo the best. the blades of grass pop the best to me in that one. You've got some great photos going on this blog, so keep up the shooting!

And thanks for the great recommendations. I'm definitely gonna check out some of the places in Shanghai you mention while I'm here.

Mark Kawano

Flynn said...

Hi Mark–thanks for the comments! I'm really loving Aperture. Hope you have a great trip to Shanghai and discover lots of interesting alleys!