Thursday, February 16, 2012

Californivacation: Big Sur, part II

I'll only keep Big Sur to three posts. I had just about a day to spend at Big Sur, not enough but I made the most of it, starting with breakfast at the famous and historic Deetjen's Inn. I wanted to stay at the cabins here, but I didn't know when I would arrive until the day of and the cheaper cabins were taken.   Breakfast was the next best thing. 

Everything at Big Sur is expensive as it's not the easiest place to get supplies in, and once you're there, they kind of have a captive audience--something like 2 hours to the next towns on either end.

And yes, I paid $7 for that bowl of fresh, organic berries. Obscene but indescribably good. The sourdough french toast came with REAL maple syrup and their chai tea latte would make Starbucks slap its java mama.

(Again, mind the jump to see all the pics.)

Deetjen's has a one page handout with their favorite trails in the area and the mileage from the inn. Thank goodness, because I was determined to find Partington Cove. A secluded trail with no markers near a turnout marked the spot, it's nearly impossible to find it unless you know where to look. No one else seemed to find it (or be looking for it) so I hit the trail alone. Creeepppyyy.

 A look back...I'd walked maybe 10 minutes along the trail and there was no sign of PCH or any other human beings.

 One of the special things about Partington Cove was the kelp forests. Don't you imagine trees draped in long, wet leafy kelp? Well, that's not what it is.

I loved how this picture came I edited it a half dozen or more times! A mini barrage for you...



 I climbed as close as I could to the edge of the rocks and managed not to fall what with my two cameras and all.

 Look at all that kelp!

I made my way out and stopped at Nepenthe. Another famed restaurant at Big Sur. I'd eaten there the night before, after I survived my low fuel warning and the snaking curves. I heard the craziest conversation too. If you want to hear it, send me a message. Set on a hill/cliffside, Nepenthe has an amazing view. Food was ok.

I was determined to eat at all of the "big" restaurants here. 

 Great bread. Fresh food.

They are not kidding.

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