Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sanfranication: Land of Fresh Food & Hills

Nearly the last California post (save some film photos in the undetermined future). I'll have to go on vacation again to have any interesting pictures to show you after this. Sigh...

After touring San Fran with Dr. Bev, I thought I'd never be hungry again. She was kind of a food slave driver. We went to lots of places where there are always lines around the building because the food is so unbelievably good. Hmmm...haven't seen any lines at the restaurants here. Curious. 

In between, we saw the sites and climbed hills almost parallel to sea level.

We went to a food truck gathering. It was like an open air gourmet food court. We followed it up with some bubble tea (which we also got two nights later).

  We breakfasted at Tartine twice. Words and pictures cannot describe how good were the pastries at Tartine. I would move to San Francisco just to eat their bread and scones.

I rode on old trolleys from Italy.

Went to the Pier(s) and partook of Tcho's fair trade chocolate. Free tours, people.

Dr. Bev, moi, and my friend Kristina, who happened to fly in from China. So weird that I'd never seen her on American soil before.

On Saturday, Bev took me to the farmer's market. There was a very cute guy selling sauerkraut...and...

Artisan bread

Hibiscus juice


A Lord Crawley impersonator (under the beard)

Sea Lions at the pier! They were hilarious and just a little smelly.

Opted for the clam chow-dah instead.

I did but only from afar...

Hyde St -- I walked up this stupid hill. It was horrible hence it is fuzzy. Apparently, they put grooves in this wretched hill to keep people from cascading down it and ending up in the Bay. I hate it. But there was a classic view at the top.

I miss Tailor Zhou.

My favorite dim sum, super sized. Bev, hungry?

Oh look we're eating! It's legit Beijing hotpot. I even spoke Chinese to real Chinese people. Heaven!

After we ate Tartine, chocolate, chowder, hotpot and bubble tea (yes the same day) we picked up a small cup of Bi-rite Creamery's salted caramel ice cream. I was near throwing up at this point so we took the ice cream home and waited 45 minutes or so to eat it.

Then I boarded a plane, a good 5 pounds heavier, I'm sure but having had an awesome little adventure. 


kristina said...

Love bi-rite! How did the hibiscus juice taste?

Good seeing you on American soil.

Anonymous said...
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Flynn said...

It was very exotic. I liked it but only in a small dose.

Good to see you in America too...for the first time ever. That's weird