Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Engagement Photo shoot: Lisa & Peter

I put Lisa and Peter in the title as though I have to quantify this engagement photo shoot amongst all the ones I've done. I don't...this is my first one. After several cancellations due to rain dates, we got a beautiful, sunny day for the photo shoot. I feel very privileged to have known Lisa since 2002 when we spent a summer together in Shanghai. Also, she was my roommate when she and Peter started dating, so I've enjoyed (this year in particular) getting to see them interact.

We spent the day going to locations around Shanghai that had special meaning to the lovebirds. I have to say Shanghai is a great city fora photo shoot, but without further ado, I present to you, my first paid photographing gig (all proceeds go to the eventual purchase of a non-stock lens.)

We found a few props along the way...I don't like cats, but kittens are tolerably cute.

No photo shoot is complete without a jump shot.

I made them jump in this little cop mobile. We left just before the fuzz caught on to us.

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