Saturday, November 20, 2010

Birthday Recap No. 2

My birthday was this week, in case you didn't get the memo I sent out to everyone on my email list. I really like birthdays and since there's a larger affair going on this weekend, I wanted to do a small, swankier meal at one of the restaurants in town that I've been pining away for for years—the classy M on the Bund

All day I was dreaming of their famous pavlova, which I'd only heard of...yum! A rare splurge!

I brought my point and shoot, which I think I've forgotten how to use...hence the collage in the middle.

I took a cab wearing large earrings I got for a previous birthday. And no, I have no idea where that light came from...apparently you get a halo on your 28th birthday. Did not see that written in the fine print, but I'll take it.

I convinced 3 of my girlfriends to get all dolled up and join me for dinner. They're quite beautiful don't you think? Then we (or maybe I) proceeded to order everything on the menu. No regrets people. 

We did feel slightly uncultured when we couldn't figure out what 'fartes' were in the Elizabethan salat (please don't email me stating the obvious). Further research has unearthed very little. I think they were little bready puffs in the salad...Do write in if you've heard of them.


A parting shot before we said our goodbyes. Three cheers (and many thanks) to the moms who were up way later than normal and probably had to 3 hours of sleep less than normal!

We're planning to go back for dessert...

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