Monday, November 8, 2010

Shanghai At Night

I don't really love taking pictures at night. I mean whoop whoop–bright lights. There is none of the warmth of the afternoon or freshness of the morning...actually. I think I might just like taking pictures in the afternoon. That could be problematic. 

But...if ever there was a place to take pictures at night, it's Shanghai. Goodness knows they use their fair share of neon. I was giving some visiting friends a little tour of the sparklier parts of the city last week so I took advantage of the fluorescent-laced skyline and got a few pics.

I don't know why, but I really like this picture. [East Nanjing Rd.]

More pics after the jump...

I call it the cricket! [People's Square]

There's something a little shifty about the word emporium. [East Nanjing Rd.]

My friend Marrrr on East Nanjing Rd. I love this one!

And what picture of bright lights in Shanghai would be complete without a panoramic of Pudong via the Bund? None. That's what.


Sarah Grooms said...

I love that first picture, too! It's awesome!

scs said...

ooooh (insert squeal of delight)! i love the nanjing lu one, too! when we move back to the US, i'm putting you and Puck all over my walls (your pictures, that is...)