Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Year of Pictures: Week I

I made it through my first week of picture taking without forgetting once! I think I have to be careful that this little project doesn't become a chore and actually helps me develop my photographing abilities...so many things I want to do better. I should be independently wealthy...

November 17: You've already seen this one, but it was the best one of the day...

November 18: Sarah and our yu xiang rou si (鱼香肉丝)—the latter of which is not completely in focus.

November 19: Post on Anfu Lu (安福路)

November 20: Detail of my scarf in a cab.

November 21: Wasted Day

November 22: Pillow Feather

November 23: The throwaway picture of the week...my teensy closet. Smaller than the rest because it's such a boring picture, but I've only been to the gym today...

Which pic do you like best and why? Anything you'd alter?

I've got a photo shoot tomorrow. Wish me luck!


Karen said...

I like the Anfu Lu sign.

kristina said...

I like Nov 2l. It made me chuckle. made me think of how we all have "one of those days" in china where we come home, crash, and let out a big siggghh.