Sunday, February 27, 2011

Get Excited...

...I know I am because I just picked up my new (used) 15 inch MacZBok Pro!!! Do you know what that means?

1.  More photos for you (cause I'll be able to edit more photos faster...which also means I'll watch fewer movies and TV shows)

2. I can watch movies and TV shows on a bigger screen! Better for my eye sight too. What a bonus.

3. I have a highly functioning computer that I actually own versus my work computer (the other mac in the household) and my nearly 6 year old Dell (which is still kicking, just sort of like a 3 legged dog kicks).

4. I won't have to carry my MacBook to work anymore...better for my back and it's obscene to have 3 computers in one small room. It just doesn't look right.

There are lots of other reasons, but I just had to say that I am so thankful and blessed to have gotten this computer. It's going to be so helpful!

More, better posts soon!

1 comment:

therooddog said...

A 6 year old Dell... that is so impressive.