Friday, February 11, 2011

New Pictures

I haven't taken many pictures lately (handing my head in shame). But I have a good reason. For the past week plus (during some very nice above 40 degree weather days), I have been under the weather with the worst cold ever. Ever. I'm well on my way to health now and wanted to post some photos...both new and old but all newly edited. Let me know what you think. Seriously. You are my faithful critics. 

Also, don't expect a lot of new photos coming up soon. It's freezing and very difficult to take pictures with numb digits.

#1–Fresh organic apples from Shandong Province. Are they too specked to be stock photos?

#2–Call me: There are stamped phone numbers all over the city for advertisements I assume. I must say that I question their effectiveness. Also, when I was taking this picture on a cold, rainy day in Shanghai, some strange guy came up to me and started making strange sounds as if he were trying to feed a squirrel and I was the squirrel. At such times I avoid eye contact and watch my bag.

#3–I ventured to the park across the street one cold Saturday morning and there were some elderly folks who didn't shoe me away while I was trying to take their picture. Bless 'em!...cause I'm super timid taking people shots.

#4–Wisteria: I love these flowers. I took this last spring. I feel like the flower doesn't pop out of the background enough despite my efforts. What do you think?

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