Saturday, September 10, 2011

Last Days in Shanghai II

Most of these are from a jaunt in an old, well preserved neighborhood I discovered in the French Concession area of Shanghai. I love that area. Also, these pictures do not betray the searing heat and humidity of that day, thankfully because that would be as unpleasant as my sweat drenched self traipsing around with two cameras in July.

Nothing dangerous about these power boxes.

Like doors, old mailboxes are endlessly photogenic.

I did a Kel El on this picture.

See...a door and mailboxes.

An advertisement for the "dentist". Don't go to a dentist with a painted sign attached with old wire. Serious.

More Kel El-ling it.

This is where bok choy comes from.

Most people run from the camera but this guy wanted me to take a picture. He's one in a billion.

Hilarious, random Chinese cowboy flour (I think) bag. I'm glad it's a registered trade mark.

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eva said...

LOVE the picture with the door and mailboxes. i miss shanghai!