Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My new appendage

I wanted to introduce you to my new appendage...a huge messenger bag! Woot woot! I have to admit that I sp-uh-lur-ged on this bag. I really needed it. Really did. It's from a NYC company called Vaya. I saw them on the Groupon-for-Etsy site Heartsy and couldn't help myself. Vaya bags are made to order. They use canvas on the outside and have a bunch of color choices. You can get more complex than mine. I'm a girl with complex yet simple tastes. The inside is vinyl so everything is waterproof. (Not even a drip made it inside this weekend during the tropical storm.)

Not to keep gushing, but the Vaya people have thought of everything. There are pockets galore. They ask which shoulder you'll wear it on and make it accordingly (finally something for us lefties!) And you can get a reflective strip to keep you extra safe when messengering (I didn't get it because I like to live on the edge). My Mac Book fits in it perfectly.  More importantly both of my cameras fit in it perfectly (probably all 3 at the same time but a girl has her vertebrae to consider), which was the main reason I needed an upgrade. If I ever get a puppy, I'm totally carrying it around in there, too.

One more thing, I emailed directly with the owner and she sent pictures of the fabric combinations so I could see before I made the jump. Great customer service, great product. No, Vaya is not paying me to endorse their bags.

P.S. Please ignore that renegade rat tail curl that I missed when putting my hair up. It's not fair to notice it because it's been so hot and humid and I was taking pictures of myself in my apartment complex which is embarrassing.

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