Thursday, September 1, 2011

Pretty Ladies

Hello! I've been photo editing...which means I'm finally scheduling some posts so stay tuned. These are still from my last weeks in China. Sadness.

I took some pictures of my friends/co-workers at our going away lunch. Using the 35mm lens on my Seagull, I took a turn at experimenting with portraits. It would be hard not to take good pictures of these lovely ladies. Don't you agree?
group pic sans moi.

she's looking into your soul.

Lo is super fashionable.

Love this. She could be on the cover of a novel. Maybe I'll write one so she can be on the cover of it.

I love her expression!

This is the cutest Chinese person on the planet. Really she is. And the sweetest.

Our lovely intern. She really likes Korean emo music.

And swoopy bangs.

oh wish this was more in focus. marrr. this gal rocks fascinators (the thing on her head).

the end.

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Kel said...

before I read your blurb under that second to last photo....I was going to type "I LOVE THAT ONE"!!!!!! still true. I love me some blur