Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Engagement Photos: JR & Annette

Just before Thanksgiving I had the pleasure of taking engagement photos of my friend JR and his new blushing fiancee (it hadn't even been 24 hours since he'd proposed!). This was my second engagement photo shoot, and I have to say that Shanghai is such a beautiful background for photos. I'm still getting the hang of taking people's photos (I tend to take pictures of a lot of inanimate objects, if you haven't noticed), but Jr & Annette were great and I got them to smooch lots! Woot woot!

Here are some, er, quite a few of my favorite shots from the day.

This one might be my favorite.
I muted the colors on this one. Don't you just love old doors, especially ones that match your sweater?

We took some photos on Moganshan Lu, one of the best places in town for graffiti or is it street art?

Then we went to Yu Yuan (Yu Garden), the oldest and most tourist laden spot in town, but also a great place for "real China" photos.

The couple briefly unseated an Englishman to get this shot in a tea house at the center of Yu Yuan. Thank goodness I have a zoom lens!

Très romantique, n'est pas?

This was my experimental photo. Does it work? What do you think?

This photo was JR's idea. Good idea, JR. I think Annette looks particularly beautiful in this one!
No photo shoot (of mine) is complete without a jump shot.

I really wanted to take a picture with two props-- one a balloon, the other a bike. Never found a balloon but we did find this bike, which is actually locked. It was such a perfect bike, classic and with a great view of the city. Could not have been more excited.

I made them take this picture as the light was dying on our afternoon of photos. Think "Singin' in the Rain" sans rain.


kristina said...

Oh! LOVE the B&W one at yu yuan. great photos and great smiles! so cute

eva said...

GREAT job! :)