Wednesday, December 15, 2010

First Pictures with the Box Camera

I got back the photos from my first roll using my box camera. I was kind of scared that after all this, there was some leak of light or a broken mechanism of some sort that meant it doesn't actually take pictures as all.

Thankfully, I got a couple of good shots, which is great since it only takes 12 and there is nothing that indicates how far to turn the film so I actually only took 7.

There is definitely a different quality to these shots. I think I'm in love!

 My friend Arlene took this one so then...

...I took a picture of her. We're trying to look classic since it's an old camera. Also she's gorgeous and so photogenic. Admit it.

 This one is my favorite! I double exposed it. There are so many interesting things that resulted from it, I think–the tree trunk is clearly magic and there's a mysterious figure in the bottom right hand corner.

 My stairwell.

 And some shots from a moving vehicle. Very vague, but also kind of cool or is it just my infatuation with the camera that I can't see any of its faults?

Next I'm going to try my hand at some black and white film.


scs said...

wow, they look superb! add your oil! i want a copy of that shot of you. and kev would probably like the harry potter tree trunk shot.

Anonymous said...

Hey girl - LOVE them! What an awesome camera! I love the depth of field in the first two and the double exposure is magical. Sweet!

kristina said...

cool! impressed by the portraits- the contrast between the fuzzy background and super sharp person.

so how the does film work? Is it one continuous piece of film?

Flynn said...

It's 120 film so just a regular roll but it's longer and there is only space for 12 pictures. The photos come out square rather than rectangular, but the negatives look pretty much like any ole roll except wider.