Thursday, December 2, 2010

Year in Pictures: Week 2

I think I'm changing this to "Year in Pictures" instead of "Year of Pictures" or maybe not. Wait til next week to see, I guess.

Over the past week, I've had lots o' opportunities to take pictures both with my big hearken camera and my new box camera (which my friend David showed me how to work!)...On Saturday I took about one million photos of some yellow gingko trees...I'll be showing those later...

Side note--I love Christmas, don't you? but I'm also not quite ready to let go of fall. It's been an unusually autumnal fall here (if you've ever lived in Shanghai, you'll catch my drift) and it's my favorite season. Long bike rides, yellow leaves, light jackets, pumpkins, apples, crisp (weather and apple)'s too much to let go of...

  November 24: While on an engagement photo shoot (I say that like it's a regular thing I do) at Yu Garden, I took a picture of the voracious koi(s). Give those suckers some bread or your finger...
 Thanksgiving I: Isn't he the cutest little boy? Love him...taken at our annual Thanksgiving football game.

Thanksgiving II: It's a two-fer since it was a holiday--This is my roommate getting attacked by small children.

 November 26: My new box camera...the back of it in its case. 

 November 27: My beloved ginkos. Ginko leaves are my favorite leaf. I have them pressed in books all over the place.

November 28: Yeah, she's out of focus, but who can get enough of that face? Not me.

November 29: I made pitas for lunch this week. I didn't try to make them round, in case you're wondering.

 November 30: Do you know what this is? I bet you don't. It's a plastic device that used to hold a pair of socks I got for my birthday. See you didn't know that. Amazingly it works perfectly as a "lock" to keep my wretched "closet" doors closed.

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Karen said...

I vote for the Charlotte picture. I also can't get enough of that face!!!