Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Year in Pictures: Weeks 3-5

I've still been doing my daily photos (although I must confess that I missed one day by a few minutes and quickly took a photo in guilt and shame). There's quite a potpourri this time around of friends, Shanghai, and proof of my domesticity.
Dec 1: Christmas tree decorating with my roommates...they don't know about this picture.
Dec 2: What's more humiliating than wearing a Sponge Bob Square Pants outfit on Shanghai's 5th Ave? Having someone take a picture of you.
Dec 3: He looks calm now but those little fingers move faster than greased lightning.
Dec 4: Different baby.
Dec 5: I've never seen this guy before in my life.
Dec 6: Boring picture of my very nice bamboo ladder and scarf.
Dec 7: Didn't know an iTouch could be artsy did you?
Dec 8: Guess what this is going to be in two months...Vanilla extract. Thanks Joy the Baker.

Dec 9: Breakfast--scones with homemade pumpkin butter and apple butter.

Dec 10: Meringue for a catering event. Later I dipped them in chocolate. They were like popcorn--crunchy and very easy to eat handfuls at a time.

Dec 11: I jacked this idea from my friend Grace. Her picture was better. If anyone knows cab driver #259,457, please direct him to my blog.

Dec 13 (where is 12? don't know...can't figure it out right now): Blah. But I do like my wall arrangement, especially my grandparents on the bottom right corner.
Dec 14: Creepy light--creepy creepy red light. I have to look at this every evening (it's a smaller red dot than the picture makes out though). For a while I thought maybe it was a sniper so I would occasionally duck my head behind my computer in the event that someone was trying to assassinate me.
Dec 15: It snowed!!!! How exciting is that? It never snows. It never sticks when it does snow but we got both!
Dec 16: Book pages...

Dec 17: This is what happens when you live in a concrete building with single paned windows in the winter time.
Dec 18: Christmastime is Here: Catering again--soft gingerbread cookies. Mmmm.

Dec 19: My Squishy!

Dec 20: Metro sign.
Dec 21: Snooze--the residue of dinner.

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kristina said...

first 2 pics- PRICELESS! also love the rows and rows of meringue. Such perfect little dollups like the cool whip commercial.