Tuesday, December 14, 2010

We're Funny: Anne Taintor-esque photos

For my friend Tati's birthday, I had this great idea (I don't mind saying so cause it was a rare light bulb moment)--to do Anne Taintor-esque photos (vintagey with witty quips) with pictures of her friends. You have to understand how much Tati loves her Anne Taintor. During our college years I dragged her away from countless Taintor displays (and historic cemeteries--that's another unrelated story) and last summer during our 5th year reunion weekend, I caught her again carefully reading each magnet, card, and mug of her favorite gift brand.

So, several of us emailed around photos with our hilarious Ivy league wit and I made her some cards (and possibly a Christmas gift...) with them. Here are some of my favorites. Hopefully Anne Taintor will think we're as funny as we think we are and won't try to get me for copyright infringement...

 This one made you laugh, right?

 And this one? Tati really likes dogs...I snapped this one in Suzhou

I hope this one isn't too off color for the folks at home.

 I don't actually know this person...he's someone Tati knew form her Peace Corps days. It makes my eyes water so I had to include it.

Tati's older sister....and nope, she doesn't know I have this picture of her. Mwahaha Facebook!

What is more vintage than a reference to double mint gum?


Grace said...

GA...these are awesome!!!! you're a genius. :) what program did you use?

Flynn said...

Thanks! I used www.picnik.com. Uploaded the photo and did the 1960s effect, then softened it a bit, and last did the HDR a la Puck's instructions. Just played around with the scale on all each effect to get it how I liked it!

Flynn said...

oh and then I put the words on it in Pages.

Sarah Grooms said...

I love it! I might have to try it! :D

kristina said...

lol, so clever