Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A walk in the woods, a bird on a wire

Now that it's cold enough to have less deer ticks and mosquitoes carrying West Nile, Eastern Equine Encephalitis and flesh-eating bacteria, I'm feeling a little more ambitious about taking to some of the trails around here.

Right before that Hurricane Sandy, I took a walk along one of the Land Trust-owned properties near me. It was quite nice and I even found an old jar intact, apparently from some previous owner of the property.

But first, which way to go...

I felt you really needed two perspectives on these signs.
This might be a beanstalk to the sky. Might.
A fiddlehead fern

Kind of looks like that tree on the right pushed him and is trying to push over the other guy. The forest is brutal.
See the tiny spider?
An Ewok hairball. An Ewok's pet. Something from a 'Wrinkle in Time'...
And a bonus...birds on a wire!
And a few more. They're so cute. I took this through my sunroof at a red light.

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emily @ cabin fervor said...

LOOOOVE the birds on the wire. Fun.

Also concerned that the South Trail and the West Trail are in almost complete opposite directions. Seems to ignore the laws of nature, or at least the laws of the compass, no? Maybe take a GPS with you!