Thursday, November 8, 2012

The [real-er] autumnal edits

I ride my bike a lot. A few weeks ago I finally bought a basket for it. Should have done that sooner. It's changed my life...or perhaps helped a-right it a little. In China, I rarely rode my bike without at least one of my camera in my deep basket. The new one isn't deep, but it's doing the job and I can finally take pictures of all the things I love traversing on my two wheels.

 A very old church. I think it's called Tinkum, a family that owned one area of town.

 Next few aren't from bike rides but a land trust property near here. These trusts are nonprofits that preserve land. The ones around here have lots of trails...and deer ticks!

Experimented with this and got a daguerreotype look which I quite like. Maybe a little Ansel Adams inside out?

 Water, water everywhere.

 These late autumn evening colors were killer.

 What do you think of this one? I'm partial to it, but then it's my picture.

 Every time I bike past this dam (or whatever it is), I feel compelled to take a picture.

 Yummy leaves! I love you.

 Hey, look an empty road! What a dagdern shame to only see it going 40 mph.

Also, to the Americans who use copious amounts of hand sanitizer, refuse to touch door knobs in public places, and bathe in antibacterial soap, do you wear your shoes in the house? Really?

Sorry, had to get that out...
Back to our regularly scheduled program.

 I love mail. My birthday is coming up soon!

 I would live in this barn if they let me. It's so pretty, I took 45 or so pictures of it.

It even looks good out of focus, in the background. That barn is no showboat.

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