Friday, November 16, 2012

And it was all yellow

After the leaves have fallen, we return
To a plain sense of things. It is as if
We had come to an end of the imagination,
Inanimate in an inert savoir.
- Wallace Stevens 

I can hardly pass this watering hole without stopping. It reminds me of my favorite book cover.

A semi-avenue of trees I often pass. Dreamy.

Another one of those things I took an obscene amount of pictures of...from every angle, exposure, etc. It's just so amazing. Even wasps can make something amazing.

There are a lot of yellow leaves around here.

Oh hey, watering hole. I just love how this picture (one of 272) came out.

Ever heard of geocaching? Even if you haven't, this is a fake bolt with a tiny piece of paper stuffed inside. It's like being a spy except without the intrigue.

A cranberry bog that is being left to go back to wetlands. I've been tempted to hop in there and pick some berries covertly, like a spy not like a geocacher.

New England

Another avenue of gold.

And possibly my favorite road around here. Wolf Island where I've seen neither wolves nor islands so it's a bit of a misnomer. Someone told me there are ghosts on this street.
One thing I've learned since moving up to New England is that there are supposedly ghosts everywhere. One day in front of my house, someone stopped me to ask me if there was a ghost up in the attic...WHERE I LIVE? What kind of a question is that to ask a single girl living by herself in a town with almost no street lights. Thanks a lot, random passerby. Very neighborly of you. Actually, it didn't bother me. Really....did you hear that creak?


scs said...

big ball o' bees!!!

krisTimon said...

Looks gorgeous! I declared yesterday that our next home must have trees nearby.

That is about the tiniest micro cache I have ever seen. I Geocached a lot back in Cali. Here, we just look suspicious...